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Great Reasons to use GlassyLite!


With dull headlights your night vision can be reduced by up to 50%. The first thing you will notice after applying GlassyLite is the way your headlight will reclaim night driving and better vision. Don't put you or your family in potential danger, repair your lights and feel good about their safety.


Have you ever wandered through a car yard to see a car with dull lights? It's like it's soul has departed, there is no shine in its eyes. GlassyLite will put the soul back into every car with yellow lights. Instantly the car will stand proud again. If you want to get the most money when reselling a car this is a great way to increase the end figure.


Many customers searching to buy new headlights have come across GlassyLite just in time to save themselves hundreds of dollars. For a mere fraction of the price to replace headlamps GlassyLite will restore the old to brand new condition.

WARNING...▼▼▼▼ Cheap Alternatives = FAIL

When new your car has a micron coating on the headlamps, a UV protectant. Do not use any polish system without a sealer. You will polish away the hard-coat and expose the light to UV rays that will degrade the light fast. If you polish your lights make sure you re-seal them. Just polishing a light may look good but the sun will now break down the surface in no time.
GlassyLite is a kit that provides a three step system "Clean" "Polish" "Protect".

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