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The world's most advance and first real headlamp restoration system. GlassyLite is an OEM grade headlamp resurfacing package now available to the public as a DIY kit. GlassyLite requires no power drills and is meant to be done by hand thoughout the entire process. This treatment is applicable for all hazy, yellow or dull plastic headlamps. It's faced lifted kit NewLitePro now comes with even better polishes to make the job easier while still retaining that all important original OEM hardcoat replacement nanosealer

Glassylite before and after Toyota Supra


The innovation is the nanosealant from KONEXIS. The nanosealant is a special crosslinking oligomer which are 20nm wide and has self leveling properties. The nanosealant provides a chemically fused bond by crosslinking with open bonding sites on the polycarbonate surface.The new layer protects and prevents polycarbonate from degrading via hydrolysis, ultraviolet light,   heat or mechanical abrasion.

Glassylite Nano Sealant

GlassyLite (NewLitePro) is the worlds most advanced automotive plastic headlamp restoration treatment.  GlassyLite utilizes KONEXIS - crosslinking nanotechnology derived from aerospace applications.  It is specifically formulated to be used on polycarbonate type 7 plastic (PC7).  GlassyLite restores and preserves the optical quality of plastic headlights.

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